Stone of the Month 当月赏石 October

“Tatanka” (Bison)


The name of this figure stone from Sagit County, Washington can be traced to the Native American name for bison. The bison is resting with its legs folded beneath its body and its head facing to the left. The base, carved by Edd Kuehn, represents a prairie environment, home of these large western mammals. The stone is 21 cm (8.25 inches) wide, 16.5 cm (6.5 inches) tall, and 8.9 cm (3.5 inches) deep. It was collected by and is owned by Edd Kuehn.





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Classroom  课堂

Welcome to our New “Classroom!”

This section provides an opportunity to learn more about stone appreciation through the use of our new videos and published articles. The Classroom also contains useful information for stone enthusiasts starting with a Guide to Stone Markets and Shops in China and Japan. Each month, additional videos, articles and other information will be available to help people along on their path to becoming stone connoisseurs.

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Featured Article  专题

Washington State Viewing Stone Enthusiasts

The Viewing Stone Study Group (VSSG) of the Puget Sound Bonsai Association (PSBA) is a loosely knit group of stone hunters and exhibitors with a diverse style for viewing stone presentations.

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Featured Book Review 推荐书的评

Klauber, R. 2016.

PSBA Viewing Stone Study Group Exhibition at the Pacific Bonsai Museum March 26-April 24, 2016.

PSBA Viewing Stone Study group.
27 pages. No ISBN.

This catalog was prepared for the seventh annual exhibition of stones at the Pacific Bonsai Museum.

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New! Contemporary Stone Showcase

“Dragon Scale”

The shape, undulating surface and color pattern of this stone evoked in the mind of the collector and owner, Patrick Metiva, the image of a scale that had fallen from a huge long extinct dragon.




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