Stone of the Month 当月赏石 November

“Autumn Colors"


Too often, stone collectors think that excellent stones must be large, elaborate landscape scenes or stones with intricately carved bases that help convey a message. Sometimes, a simple quiet stone displayed on a modest table can be effective in creating a mood. Such is the case with this small unobtrusive Sado Island akadama stone with a wrinkled texture and subtle colors including red, black, brown, and tan. The simple base complements the stone rather than competing with it. Simplicity can be beautiful. This stone is 18 cm (7 inches) wide, 7.3 cm (2.9 inches) high and 7.8 cm (3 inches) deep. It is displayed on a plain, low, black-lacquered Japanese table.



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Classroom  课堂

Welcome to our New “Classroom!”

This section provides an opportunity to learn more about stone appreciation through the use of our new videos and published articles. The Classroom also contains useful information for stone enthusiasts starting with a Guide to Stone Markets and Shops in China and Japan. Each month, additional videos, articles and other information will be available to help people along on their path to becoming stone connoisseurs.

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Featured Article  专题

Sado Island Akadama Stones

Dark reddish scenic landscape or hut-shaped akadama stones are seen in most modern, major suiseki exhibitions in Japan.



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Featured Book Review 推荐书的评

Shimazn Mitsuo. 2016.

Akadama, Red Jasper in Sado.

Sado Excellent Stone Association, Sado, Japan. 101 pages. No ISBN. 1000 Yen.

The Sado Island red akadama stones are well-known among collectors of Japanese suiseki.

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New! Contemporary Stone Showcase

“Mi Fu’s Staff”

by Tony Ankowicz

Harvested from under the waters of the Great Lakes, Canada, this is a unique example of the contrast between the beautiful harshness of the local environment and the transient fragility of nature’s art.


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