Stone of the Month 当月赏石 May

“Plain Sailing”

The curving stone resembles a canvas sail bellowing in strong wind as it moves the sailing ship along. This stone without this base can be interpreted in different ways. It has several strong attributes—holes, channels, wrinkles, hardness, and a sense of movement. This movement can be viewed as energy or “chi” within the stone. But when it is displayed in this base, it definitely conveys an image of a sailing boat. The stone, a piece of petrified wood, is 18 cm wide, 10 cm deep, and 35 cm high. It is in the private collection of Zhou Zheng Rong, a well-known collector of fine Chinese stones.


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Classroom  课堂

Welcome to our New “Classroom!”

This section provides an opportunity to learn more about stone appreciation through the use of our new videos and published articles. The Classroom also contains useful information for stone enthusiasts starting with a Guide to Stone Markets and Shops in China and Japan. Each month, additional videos, articles and other information will be available to help people along on their path to becoming stone connoisseurs.

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Featured Book Review 推荐书的评

Lai Renji. 2016.

China Kun Stones

Geology Publishing Company, Longyan City, Fujian province. 225 pp. ISBN: 978-7-116-09620-2. 398 RMB when published.

Collectors of traditional Chinese stones will be delighted to see this new book on one of China’s most famous stones—Kun from Jiangsu province.

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Featured Article  专题

Conversation with a Stone Connoisseur

by Tom Elias

One of the most rewarding ways to learn about stone appreciation is to spend time with a serious collector.

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New! Contemporary Stone Showcase

“Adam—in the Hand of Gods”

This arrangement by Christoph Daim (Austria) adapts the conventions of the museum to viewing stone display.


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