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Jiulong Bi Stone (九龙江石)
“Old Man (寿者)”


This heavily weathered Juilong Bi or Nine Dragon River stone suggests an old person, perhaps even a sage, with its wrinkles, folds, and shape. The cataracts in this river have produced many extraordinary hard, multi-colored wrinkled stones. The presence of silica and other silicate minerals contribute to the hardness and weight of this stone. Because of their attractive features, Jiulong Bi stones were described in the early travel literature and in Ming and Qing dynasty poems.

The hardwood base was designed by Chen Shihong and crafted in his shop, Mushichuanzun, in Shanghai. He calls this a Cloud Ming style base (云彩明式座). Chen is a leader in the design and creation of contemporary bases for Chinese stones. The flowing lines of this base are typical of a more modern approach to base making. The stone is 10 cm wide, 21 cm high, and 8 cm deep. This stone is in the collection of Thomas Elias and Hiromi Nakaoji.



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Classroom  课堂

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Featured Book Review 推荐书的评

Dali Bai Autonomous Province District Record Compiling Committee, 2014.

Dali Stone Catalogue (Dali Shipu)

Yunnan Ethnic Publishing Company, Kunming. ISBN: 978-7-5367-6337-1/T. 328 pp. 45 RMB when published.

The Dali Stone Catalogue is an important addition to the extensive record of literature on this stone.

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Featured Article  专题

Shanghai Contemporary Bases for Viewing Stones (海派创意底座)

Intricately carved contemporary styled bases for viewing stones are becoming more prevalent in present-day Chinese stone appreciation culture.


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New! Contemporary Stone Showcase

This Jiulong Bi stone (景观创意座) gives the impression of a remote large rock outcrop where lovers meet.

Love at the Cliffs 崖壁情缘

by Tom Elias





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