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In western societies, this stone might be viewed as a natural arch. However, in Chinese society, one can easily view this as a gateway—either a symbolic gateway to immortality or a connection between the physical body and the spiritual world. These two themes are found in the composite Taoist religion in China. Early Chinese emperors and high-level bureaucrats eagerly sought a pathway to immortality, and for many decades ingested special elixirs comprised of a mixture of minerals as a means of achieving their goal. None of them achieved this goal, and as some of the ingredients were toxic, this practice was eventually abandoned as an element of Taoism.

This arch-shaped black Lingbi stone is from northern Anhui province in eastern China. It is 28 cm wide, 22 cm high, and 12 cm deep, and is owned by Thomas Elias and Hiromi Nakaoji. The low platform base is appropriate for this stone.



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Classroom  课堂

Welcome to our New “Classroom!”

This section provides an opportunity to learn more about stone appreciation through the use of our new videos and published articles. The Classroom also contains useful information for stone enthusiasts starting with a Guide to Stone Markets in China. Each month, additional videos, articles and other information will be available to help people along on their path to becoming stone connoisseurs.

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Featured Article  专题

Chinese Stone Catalogs

Many stone catalogs (shipu  石谱) have been published in China over the last 900 years. Some of these have been major works that have significant impact on the development of a stone appreciation culture in China and aboard; many other minor ones served to promote and help educate artistic talents in drawing and painting.

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Featured Book Review 推荐书的评

Shou Jia Hua. 2016.

China Stone Catalogue.
中国石谱 6 volumes.

China Book Bureau, Beijing. 1522 pages total.

The recently published China Stone Catalogue will quickly become the primary reference on modern Chinese stone appreciation.

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News 新闻

October 26-30, 2016

Golden State Bonsai Federation Convention

VSANA participated in the recent Golden State Bonsai Federation convention in Sacramento, California.  Six attractive Japanese suiseki were displayed in the exhibit at this meeting.

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