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“La Viuda Negra” (Black Widow)


This extraordinary, natural figure stone with its graceful flowing form was collected in the Rio Dulce (Sweet River) in northwestern Argentina by Alejandro Bonardi. The Sweet River crosses the province of Santiago del Estero. After studying this stone Bonardi choose a vertical orientation. It reminded him of a lady dressed in black, expressing mourning. She was mourning the fact that this river has become polluted and is suffering like so many other rivers in the world. The stone is crying out for help for the Rio Dulce.

“La Viuda Negra” is a small stone measuring just 9 cm high and 3.7 cm wide. Bonardi carved a based from pink cedar wood and then stained it with a combination of natural tannins and dark oak to achieve this color. This stone is in Bonardi’s personal collection.



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Featured Book Review 推荐书的评

You Ruilin. 2009

China Liuzhou Long River Stones

China Culture Publishing Company. 291 pages. ISBN: 978-988-21931-3-O/Y. 688 RMB when published.

The popularity of Long River stones has risen sharply over the last three decades.


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Featured Article  专题

Can Meteorites be Viewing Stones?

The interpretation of the definition of a viewing stone varies between stone collectors.


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New! Contemporary Stone Showcase

The surface pattern of this stone evokes a feeling of something much greater than the stone.


by Les Allen





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