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Featured Book Review

Ishi, Kiuemon. 1966.

The Essence of Rocks.

Ishii Meiseki-ten, Tokyo. 141 pages.

In slip cover. No ISBN number. 3,000 Yen when published.

This book stands out for several reasons beginning with its size, 35.6 x 25.5 cm, the use of the word “rock” instead of Suiseki in its title, and that it is in English and Japanese. It was written by a long-time stone connoisseur who began collecting stones in the late 1920s. In the introduction Ishi writes “In these noisy and hectic days, to sit in front of a quiet stone, and to listen to its tales about the distant past…..such peaceful hours are becoming more and more dear to us.”  He further states “this “rock boom” has created not just a small amount of confusion, causing concern to old time connoisseurs, and perplexity to newcomers.” Ishi hopes that his book will contribute to the aesthetics of rock collecting and contemplation.

This bilingual volume allows readers to better understand the author’s knowledge and sensitivities about rocks. The scope of this volume includes not just Suiseki but also many other stones (Meiseki) defined by special shape, color, texture, etc., and considered to be of high value. Ishi provides his definition of Suiseki and what to look for in shapes, forms, surface colors, and patterns of rocks. He distinguishes between Suiseki, garden stones, and bonseki. While he states that stones should be just as nature made them, he does allow for modifying the base to make it flat, and for light polishing to bring the true luster of a stone to its surface.

The large format allows correspondingly large color photographs of stones to be printed throughout the book. These combined with Ishi’s comments provide a rare glimpse of Japan’s Suiseki world during the early boom years seen through the eyes and pen of a serious stone collector.

Rating: Very Good, an important piece of the development of modern Suiseki history in English.

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