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Book reviews in the VSANA Library of Stone Appreciation are intended to give readers an indication of the wide range of books available, primarily on Asian stone appreciation, but also on Western stones. Additional reviews are added to this site each month. They are presented in the country where they are produced. Unfortunately, some of the books are out of print and difficult to obtain.

The VSANA Library currently consists of three parts—the Featured Book Review of the Month, the VSANA Library, and Buy Books.

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Featured Book Review

All Japan Aiseki Association. 2018.

38th All Japan Aiseki Association National and the 6th Hokkaido Suiseki Federation Combined Exhibition.

Tokyo. 128 pp. No ISBN number. 3,000 Yen when published.

This national association of stone loving hobbyists joined together with the suiseki clubs in Hokkaido to stage an impressive exhibition of 89 stones in the Citizens Gallery in downtown Sapporo, Japan. The exhibition was held June 29–July 1, 2018. This volume is a record of each stone displayed in that exhibition together with additional photographs of activities relating to the exhibition. A landscape format to this book was chosen since the majority of Japanese stones are oriented along a horizontal axis rather than a vertical one. The photographs in this volume are excellent and prominently featured throughout.

Since this exhibition is staged by hobbyists, the cost of exhibiting a nice stone is low, thus allowing a wider range of stone collectors to participate. Also, the different stone types found in Hokkaido are featured since the venue in held on this northern most major island of Japan. This is a welcome change from the typical stones found on the more southern island of Honshu where suiseki has a much longer history. This book helps to show the wider range of stones that are collected and appreciated in Japan.

Rating: An excellent exhibition catalog and valuable reference.





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