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Book reviews in the VSANA Library of Stone Appreciation are intended to give readers an indication of the wide range of books available, primarily on Asian stone appreciation, but also on Western stones. Additional reviews are added to this site each month. They are presented in the country where they are produced. Unfortunately, some of the books are out of print and difficult to obtain.

The VSANA Library currently consists of three parts—the Featured Book Review of the Month, the VSANA Library, and Buy Books.

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     an indication of the wide range of books available on stone appreciation published globally.

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Featured Book Review

Klauber, R. 2016.

PSBA Viewing Stone Study Group Exhibition at the Pacific Bonsai Museum March 26-April 24, 2016.

PSBA Viewing Stone Study group. 27 pages. No ISBN.

This catalog was prepared for the seventh annual exhibition of stones at the Pacific Bonsai Museum by a study group of Puget Sound Bonsai Association. This small but active group of viewing stone enthusiasts encourages people to collect natural stones in native habitats in the state of Washington. The exhibit is limited to stones from this state that have not been exhibited previously. This policy favors newly collected stones.

The quality of the stones and their photographs is very good. This self-published volume is limited in format and design choices, but it makes a satisfactory permanent record of each year’s exhibitions. Each stone is presented with poetic name, type, measurements, collection location, the collector, and the owner. Less than 50 copies are produced each year and these are distributed to members of the study group. Catalogs of earlier exhibits were produced, but are very difficult to find because of the limited printing.

Rating: Very Good. A good record of viewing stones found in this Pacific Northest state.






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