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Book reviews in the VSANA Library of Stone Appreciation are intended to give readers an indication of the wide range of books available, primarily on Asian stone appreciation, but also on Western stones. Additional reviews are added to this site each month. They are presented in the country where they are produced. Unfortunately, some of the books are out of print and difficult to obtain.

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Featured Book Review

Notter, P. 1999.

Suiseki, The Best of Europe

Privately Published by Pius Notter, Boswil, Switzerland. 95 pages. No ISBN number. No price given.

This is an important book in European stone appreciation because it documents the first major exhibition of fine stones from throughout Europe along with some excellent stones from Japan and China. The event was staged by the young European Suiseki Association (ESA), and  organized by Pius Notter with support from ESA president Norry Kirschten. This was not the first exhibition of stones; there were several small displays held in association with the European Bonsai Association annual convention. Arishige Matsuura, chairman of the Nippon Suiseki Association, and Kunio Kobayashi representing the Japanese Bonsai Association were the honored guests for this event. This exhibition attracted the major stone collectors engaged in the art of Suiseki in Europe.

More than 175 stones from private European collections were included in this exhibition. These were beautifully illustrated with sharp photographs that clearly illustrates every detail of the stones. Most stones were displayed in carved wood bases, while other were in ceramic or metal trays with sand. Some stones were displayed in trays with only a small amount of sand around the bases. The level of sand in the tray varied from one display to another. The type of stone and its owner were given for each stone, but dimensions were omitted. The gallery of stones was preceded by brief messages from Matsuura, Kobayashi, Kirschten, and Hans Deak, president of the Swiss Bonsai Association.


Rating:  Excellent, important documentation of the state of stone appreciation in Europe in the late 1990s.

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