Links are provided to institutions and organizations that have a stated interest in Chinese stone appreciation, collect and display Chinese stones, or have a direct or indirect interest in stone appreciation.




Chinese Garden

Dream Lake Garden (Montreal Botanical Gardens)



View Stone Association of China (中国观赏石协会网站)

Chinese Fantastic Stone (中华奇石网)

International Shangshi Culture Research Group


China Viewing Stone (中国观赏石网)

Renowned Fantastic Stone (天下奇石网)

China Penjing Shangshi (中国盆景赏石网)

Fantastic Stone Trade (奇石交易网)

Yunnan View Stone Association

Kun Shan stone blog (in Chinese)

Guangdong Provincial View Stone Association

England & Europe

European Suiseki Association


Italian Association of Suiseki Lovers

Suiseki la natura nelle pietre


Spanish Suiseki Association



Nippon Suiseki Association


United States

Chinese Gardens

Garden of Flowering Fragrance

(San Marino, California)

Lan Su Yuan (Portland, Oregon)



Clubs, Organizations & Individuals

California Aiseki-kai (Laguna Beach, California)

National Bonsai Foundation (Washington, D.C.)  (Orange, California)

U. S. National Arboretum  (Washington, D.C.)



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