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Welcome to our New “Classroom!”

This section of our website provides an opportunity to learn more about stone appreciation through the use of our new three- to five-minute educational videos and reprints of previously published articles. The Classroom also contains useful information for stone enthusiasts starting with a Guide to Stone Markets and Shops in China and Japan. Each month, additional videos, articles and other information will be available to help people along on their path to becoming stone connoisseurs.


Educational Videos from VSANA Media

VSANA Media videos are best viewed with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. Older browsers may not allow access to the videos.

• Wax Stones (3 minutes, 49 seconds)

• Kunshan Stones (3 minutes, 35 seconds)

• Introducing Japanese Chrysanthemum Flower Stones
(4 minutes, 24 seconds)

• Lingbi stones (5 minutes, 28 seconds)

• Ying Stones.mp4 (3 minutes, 45 seconds)

• Dali Marble (3 minutes, 57 seconds)

• The Anatomy of a Japanese Stone Exhibition (4 minutes, 26 seconds)

• Lingbi Stones, Italian version (5 minutes, 28 seconds)





Published Articles (PDF format)



Guides and Other Useful Information (PDF format)

• Shoppers Guide to Chinese Stone Markets

Simple guidelines when shopping in a Chinese market.

Frequently Asked Questions for Use in Chinese Stone Markets

Shipping Stones

Table of Stone Names in English, Chinese and Pinyin

• Shoppers Guide to Japanese Stone Shops

Simple guidelines when shopping in a Japanese Stone Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions for Use in Japanese Stone Shops

Shipping Stones

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