Buy Books

 We recommend several book marketplace web sites where you can find new and used books, often with price comparisons between different book suppliers. Unfortunately, some of the books listed in our book reviews were printed in limited number and are difficult to obtain.


For books in the English and European languages,
consult one of the following:

This is a free service provided by an independent and impartial site. It is the biggest book database on the Internet and searches all data bases of all the major on-line bookstores (except most Asian language stores).

Another free site provided by global independent bookshops listing about 100 million used and rare books.

The American Book Exchange was another free book search company headquarters in British Columbia and Germany. ABE is now a subsidiary of


For books in Japanese, consult:

A knowledge of the Japanese language is needed.


For books in Chinese, consult:

A knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is helpful for this site.

An online site for older, out of print books. A working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese is needed.


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