Treasure Magazine,  May 2014

The View Stone Association of China (VSAC) has made several important improvements to their monthly magazine Baozang (Treasure in English) as they begin to reach out to  audiences outside of China. This has been the leading publication for the estimated ten million people involved in any aspect of Chinese stone appreciation. It is an attempt to tie together the numerous people, clubs, and businesses involved with stone. This is a huge task, as the stone markets and collectors are so varied. Nonetheless, this magazine has been steadily adapting to meet a changing situation as stone appreciation in China has grown enormously since the 1990s. VSAC was founded in 1995 and has moved quickly in their support of all aspects relating to stone appreciation.

Each month’s issue of this Chinese language magazine is divided into several major sections. The first pages are devoted to featured treasures; that is, excellent select stones carefully displayed. This is followed by brief real-time news items from various parts of China. Next are a series of one-page items in which different authors discuss the features and values of individual stones. Each issue contains several interesting “Theoretical Debates” from different Chinese stone specialists. Another section has a series of brief articles on appreciating stones and enjoying the scenery. These typically feature stones from various regions of China. Each issue features a “grass-roots” article about the development of new small businesses, often in rural areas of China. VSAC documents the growing economic value of stones in two or three brief articles in each issue. They also include information about clubs for stone friends. The final section of each issues is devoted to global issues and stone art and jewelry made from stones.

Beginning in 2014, VSAC added brief English summaries of each of the major section near the back of each issue. This is a major help to English-reading audiences. Likewise, the cover of each issue now has Baozang in Chinese characters and Treasure in English. These are definite efforts to reach a larger audience outside the Chinese domestic market.

Each issues contains advertisements from stone dealers across China, often in support of a particular type of stone. Ads are also included for some of the major stone expositions that are held in China each year. It is a glossy, high quality magazine that fills an important role in informed readers about all aspects of Chinese stone appreciation.

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